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    Our kids love coming to Faith Family each week. Enjoy games, crafts, snacks, and understandable lessons using the Children Desiring God curriculum. From Teamkid on Wednesday nights, to Sunday School, - getting your kids excited for church and knowing God is our top priority. We believe every visit is an opportunity for your child to learn more about the One True God of the Universe.

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What to Expect

A visit to Faith Family Church is like coming home. At least that's what one of our first members said the first time she stepped into the hall where the church was meeting. We are a young church, just over 12 years old and the Lord is bringing together a wonderful body of caring Christians that are eager to serve one another.

So when you come, you will experience a warm and friendly welcome in an atmosphere of acceptance and grace. We are often asked about our worship style. The best word to describe it is "blended". We combine contemporary songs and choruses with the great hymns of the faith.

You can expect to join in Spirit led worship and be blessed by special music from our choir and other groups. You can also expect to hear a message from God's Word. Pastor Paul is basically an expositional teacher. He loves to take the congregation through an entire book or examine a particular theme through message series, such as "Life: Is There More?" a series he did recently that studied the meaning of life in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Finally, we hope that your visit to Faith Family Church will make a positive impact on your life. We exist to help others discover and develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Join us this Sunday, we just may be your family of faith for this journey we call life.

Our Purpose

Our mission here at FFC is "Helping others discover and develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ." That's what we're all about. Every ministry we offer is designed to assist in that goal. We like to think of our church building and body of believers as a home.

Homes are about finding unconditional acceptance, growth and development, service and responsibility, and meaningful relationships. We hope that Faith Family Church will feel like a home from the moment you walk in the door. Make sure to visit our Guest desk if you've never visited Faith Family before. God bless you, and welcome home!